Branding an Award Winning Artist

The client was looking to revamp their web portfolio for perspective clients. Making it more accessible for mobile and easier to see her works and professional accomplishments. In addition to a new web presence, the client wanted to relaunch her brand as well. Making it something that would be a better representation of her business on marketing materials.


For rebranding the client wanted something simple and elegant but wasn’t sure what exactly she was looking for. Being in the beauty industry and having a large majority of her business in weddings, a script styled font coupled with a font style you might see in a wedding invite was a good start.

Many mockups were made in order to get a better feel for the clients vision.

The logo was entirely handcrafted. The ‘AW’ was hand drawn to have a kind of victorian feel to it. While the serif font was hand tooled to look like something you would see on a fancy invitation.

The final logo.

UI/UX Design

Care was taken in the planning stages of the website to not overwhelm the user with too much information. Instead, strategic focus on the artist and her work was planned in order to draw focus to important calls to action.

A few of the sites wireframes.

Several user interaction wireframes were developed to get a good handle on the best way to funnel potential clients toward conversion goals.

Web Development

Technology overhead was fairly lightweight, using Node.js with Express and some Angular.js (1.x version).

The services page.

The homepage included a javascript based animation revealing the branding to viewers.

The homepage on desktop and mobile.

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