Creating a Unified Marketplace

The goal of this project was to provide an e-commerce marketplace where sellers would each have their own customized site based on a shared template. The client didn’t want too much technology overhead and wanted the templates to be accessible on a familiar platform. So we decided on using Wordpress to power the backend of the site.

To begin, we started with designs for one of BV Technologies initial customers; A makeup supplier called Landis Cosmetics.

UI Design

We started designs for Landis Cosmetics with the mobile view. Mobile can be particularly challenging when dealing with a responsive e-commerce site, since the layout for product listings and product pages can be cluttered in such a small space. There needed to be a good balance between being informative and not overwhelming the user. Limited space needed to used in an intuitive way.

Concept of an active cart menu on mobile.

Initial layouts for the major mobile views.

With the more difficult mobile designs decided on, the desktop versions came together easily. For the desktop layouts the client wanted a very traditional approach to e-commerce.

Initial layouts for the product pages on desktop.

Web Development

Once design was complete, work began on turning the initial designs into a functioning Wordpress theme. CSS transitions were added to the homepage and category pages in order to add some visual flair and attract attention to different areas of the user interface.

Screenshot of the final homepage on desktop and mobile.

A number of changes were made based on client feedback. Product pages and the checkout cart were further streamlined.

Cart page on desktop and mobile.

Once the initial Landis Cosmetics site was done, the template need to be usable for other domains as well. So the ability to change the color theme and interchange image assets was added. This in addition to the ability to add different inventories, made for a completely customizable e-commerce website.

Other sites currently using the template.


BV Technologies continues to expand using the template designed to grow its partners web presence.

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